Why Isn’t Your Website Working? Top Mistakes Owners Make with Website Design

Why Isn’t Your Website Working? Top Mistakes Owners Make with Website Design

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There are a million posts about websites and website design.  The pages you need, blogs, landing pages, lists, opt-ins etc. etc.

Here we are ready to strip away all the fluff and fuzz on websites and just show you what your website needs to truly get you results.  So your business will grow on autopilot like they all promised.

48 percent of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining the credibility of a business. (Blue Corona)

The vast majority of small business owners want nothing to do with figuring out a website. They are neck-deep in their business trying to keep it going. Andrew Yang


1. Bad design and cheap work is actually costing you a lot of money
2. You’re focusing on the wrong area
3. Get customers to the next step


It is a myth that you can get a quality website designed and built for a few hundred dollars or less. I’m sure you have heard ” I know a guy who builds websites and he will do it for free” If he was really that good, would he be doing them for free?? Why wouldn’t he be charging good money?

Ever heard of a great lawyer or doctor being so great they don’t charge anything? Both have skills that anyone can learn, but you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t say ” my buddy can do it for $50″ to a mechanic and expect good results would you?

Your website isn’t just a piece of the internet that you own. To be a true valuable addition to your business, it has to be providing a measurable impact on your business. Is it helping with Leads, sales and better customer relationships??

Just having a website isn’t enough. To grow traffic and leads, you need to produce valuable, relevant and up to date content for your customers. That really is the KEY. That is what you should be focusing on every week. Helping your customers and being useful and valuable to them.

If your customers find you useful, then other potential customers will too. Great content gets shared to others, on autopilot.

There are billions of websites online today. And only about 10 spots for your keywords on search engine page 1. You have to compete with so much now. People have short attention spans. There is so much to see and do online. It is crazy. What helps you stand out over your competitors and other distractions (Netflix, Facebook, Youtube) is having epic, useful content that people will read. It really is that simple.

To grow your business you also need to collect email addresses and leads so you can market to them effectively. The website can only do so much. But if setup correctly, it can SERIOUSLY top up your sales pipeline with fresh, hungry potential customers.


“Your website is the center of your digital eco-system, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.”
― Leland Dieno, Face The Book With Your Small Business

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It just doesn’t work

An easy problem to fix with a website is a website just plain not working(everyone will have that happen at some point).

It can be slow loading because of bad images or a bad hosting company. Saving money with cheap hosting can make your website just take too long to load for visitors. Even a few seconds is all it takes for people to hit the back button and be gone forever. People have no patience.

Another common issue is broken code on websites. I can’t list every possible problem that can break a website. But there are some that happen frequently. Website updates, code updates that are critical, and even platform changes can and do make your website unusable to visitors. Even if it worked perfect yesterday.

If you don’t spend the money to keep your website properly maintained and updated, your website WILL break at some point.

Security– this is one of the most common reasons that sites slow down or break down. An insecure website is dangerous. Users(yes even you) don’t change passwords or fail to update their site or even cheap hosting companies can allow intruders and malicous code to get into your website and ruin it.
It’s happened to me- my home page was changed by an intruder. Happens all the time.

It is super easy to prevent if you know what to do. But much much harder to fix after it happens. Your choice.


Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” —Charles Eames, 100 Quotes by Charles Eames



It is crazy the number of business websites, that are designed to sell to other business owners that feel the need to talk about the owners love of cats.

Sooo many businesses write content that is totally not aimed at their customer. If you are an accountant, talk about things that will help the reader. How to save money. How to pay less taxes. What expenses can be deducted.

Too many people think that you can only talk about your industry and products. You should be talking about your customers and providing help to them. Always talk about what they want to hear, not just what you feel like saying.

What ever you do don’t talk about things that would only interest people similiar to you. People in your industry. You aren’t your dream customer! I see so many businesses creating content that would be better appreciated by their competitors. Write for your customers at all times.


Lastly, and this is really common, you need to create content and add it to your website REGULARLY. I can’t tell you how many times I see people publishing a new website and months later the blog is still empty.

I know it sounds hard to write and publish content every week, but it really is simple to do. If you are unable to think of things to say or write about, we can help you. If you can’t think of anything to say, then what the hell are you selling?

Just talk about what your customers want to hear. Ask them. I promise you have more content than you realize on your business and products. Let us help you find it and get it to work for your business. Generating new leads and customers.


Once on a company’s homepage, 86% of visitors want to see information about that company’s products/services. (Source: KoMarketing)


Regular updated content

You need to commit to creating one new piece of quality content every single week. Just make a plan and stick to it.

All you have to do is make a list of 5 big topics that your customers would be interested in that you want to talk about.

For a Florist, what are the 5 big topics that come up every year in your business? Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Flower Care, Funeral Flowers and Flower Allergies.

Now list the common questions customers ask you about those topics? See how easy this is. They already told you what they need help with. Check your emails and think about what people ask you all the time. What are you talking about already to your current customers?

Frequently Asked Questions pages are very popular online. If one person asked it, 10 probably don’t ask but still would like to know the answer.

Do a question in each post. or a top ten questions post. Super easy.

What else SHOULD a customer know? Every time someone buys a product, new problems arise. Solve those new problems for them. What will they need next as they use your products and services? Talk about the results a customer will get with one of your products. Tell success stories that other customers had with the product.

Always make sure you are talking bout YOUR business and what makes you different. What do other people say about these big 5 topics?

If you only found 3 questions for each big topic, that’s 15 weeks of posts right there.


Once a visitor has read your post, we want them to sign up. We need them to give you their email address and contact info so you can stay in touch and market to them. Now you offer them another useful and valuable piece of content in exchange for an email address.

Simply ask them ” if you liked this article about [topic], then you’ll love our guide to [topic].”
Focus on the benefits they will get for giving you their email address and show them what they can do after they sign up for your freebie.

You need to think about what the next step would be for someone who just read your blog post. If I just read about buying an iphone 10, the next step might be a free guide on “5 best phones of 2019”.

Make sure your next step is related to what you talked about in the post. You can tell them it is the next step or just an added surprise bonus. What would the reader TRULY want to see next?


1. White space is good. Don’t over complicate the web design. You just want to make it easy for people to use and read. Uncluttered with space.
2. Limit your colors to three main colors. A few colors used well is good design. Less is more and choose complimentary palettes. Google “color palettes for web”
3. Images are nice. Find some high quality stock images to brighten up your blog posts. unsplash.com Break up the text. It is worth 15 minutes of your time. The right images can illustrate your story.
4. Separate out points and keep it short and sweet. Prioritize what you want to emphasize.
5. Focus on only one Call To Action per post. Keep the action you want them to take simple and singular. Just sign up or just call. One choice, don’t give them a lot of choices to think about.


We love the idea of asking ” if you liked that, you’ll love this” for next steps. We use it on sign up forms and landing pages all the time. A lot of customers ask us ” why should we pay more if JOE down the road can do it for $500?” We know what you are saying but what most people find out is that they don’t have to pay for expensive fixes to the website if they invest properly right from the start. You need to be willing to spend a reasonable amount before you get anything out of anything. You have to invest to receive quality results.

Website Design TAKEAWAY

Don’t pay for cheap websites because you’ll keep paying for them.
Good design that gives a better result isn’t complicated.
You must create regular content that your customers want to read and share.

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