Social Media Marketing Tips that Actually Get Results Fast and For Free

Social Media Marketing Tips that Actually Get Results Fast and For Free

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This isn’t what you normally read on a blog.  At MarketingHazards we are not interested in simply slapping up any old content.

You might be thinking a great way to get more customers is to use social media.  These social media marketing tips will teach you what works and what doesn’t.

It really depends on your business and where your ideal customer hangs out online.

Social Media Statistics

Facebook: 2.71 billion users
Instagram: 1 billion users
Pinterest: 290 million users
Twitter: 70 million USA users

 “Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.”
Lori Ruff. (@loriruff)

Key Takeaways

1. Having lots of social accounts doesn’t guarantee customers.
2. Social media traffic is a different animal, but you can learn to use it
3. Your first SOLID social strategy


The myths of social media

When social media first started, many businesses hopped on the bandwagon and started signing up for absolutely everything. You saw all the people saying “social media is a great way to find customers”. They thought every post was going to go viral and thousands of customers would drop out of the sky and onto your website. Just because you have a social media account or Facebook page, doesn’t happen.

This idea of unlimited customers never worked because it was based on hope and assumptions.

There was no strategy to drive a Facebook like to become an easy sale. The truth is social media by itself hasn’t changed WHY people buy, it simply added more ways for HOW they buy products and services.

It is still changing.

Social media allows us to find more Potential customers and let them discover us. You can easily post news and good content and let people see what we have to offer.

With more and more people using mobile devices to surf the net. Your posts have a shorter lifespan. So you need to be posting often so people see your messages. You are competing for attention. These posts are kinda like text messages to a friend. Not having a long conversation with them. But the whole point is not just getting CUSTOMERS. You want people to notice you and follow what we say.

To top it all off, you are hit with stuff about when to post, how much is too much and when can you post curated content. It seems like a minefield or too much work and money.

Do you want to know the truth?

Treat your social media as a method to find interested people and get that traffic over to your website. Let your website convert them to customers. Do NOT try to make offers on social media directly.

Once they are customers, ask them to join your private Facebook group so you can manage what they see and send them business related information that is helpful and keeps them wanting more from you. Stay active and keep them informed about new offers, things you are creating and maintain a conversation with them.

 “Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury)

70% of the U.S. population now has at least one social networking profile; more than half use two or more social networks. The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion last year to 2.5 billion by 2018. source



Think of social media and customers like email lists and customers. You might put together a list of email subscribers but that doesn’t guarantee they are ready to be customers.

Some might buy and some might be a little interested. Others might never buy anything at all.

Rather than thinking you are finding new customers, find a group of people willing to listen to what you have to say. A Following or Audience that likes you. You need to match the right platform to your dream customer and make sure you are reaching the right people. For example, Pinterest is a great method to reach women. (65% of Pinterest traffic is women)

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” – Susan Cooper (@buzzedition)


So you found your audience and your platform, you need to make sure to post the right content. This means to find out what your audience wants help with or wants to see and showing it to them.

For example, if your customers are trying to be healthier, then they are going to be more interested in new diet plans than a post about your holiday plans or your new building.

It isn’t easy thinking of new things to post all the time. So make sure you have a content plan that has 5-6 topics and ideas that you know your audience really wants to read about. We know from experience that keeping it simple and posting the same great, useful article is a lot more effective than just posting anything for the sake of it.


“You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free. “(by David Meerman Scott)

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you” Matt Goulart

If you are generating traffic to your website and no one is buying, they don’t trust you.

For example, at MarketingHazards we absolutely LOVE Russell Brunson. If he recommends a new product we’ll probably buy it based on trust alone. It doesn’t really need to be sold to us.

Trust can’t be bought or sped up. You earn it through consistency, communication and time. Understanding what people want and over-delivering on that want is the key. If you are driving traffic to your website from social sites, you need to make sure they will trust you enough to buy from you.

The first thing to build trust is offering a great free thing and collecting their email address right away. Then you can use email marketing to build up trust and value over time.



Surprising? We highly recommend you set up a private group on Facebook for your customers and leads. Make it the place for them to ask questions and share content. Now you have a community of like minded people who know who you are.

Keep it private so people feel good about being able to join it. Traffic from closed groups that know you is great traffic you control. Now you don’t have to find a new audience every time you have a new product or offer. You can use great new content to make your offers directly to your warmed up audience. You can ask them what they want help with anytime you want.

Use your group for support, customer service and accountability. OR all three. Keep posting useful content they want to consume and that is a great way to see what people like and don’t like. Now you have tested content you can use on other platforms and you know it works.


On our pages and Twitter account we post with a 2:2:2 posting ratio. This means we don’t just post our stuff 7 days a week. We find other useful content from other people and our older posts and mix them in to our content schedule.

This is a powerful way to drive traffic and get people who aren’t leads or customers yet. Try using the ratio below in your business.

2 Curated posts – find posts and other content around the web that would be great for your audience

2 Older posts – something you posted in the past that is still very useful information(a lot of people have missed the earlier post)

2 current posts – Brand new content from your content plan

When should you post? That is up to you. If you are posting 6 times a day, 2 should be older content, 2 should be curated and 2 new posts. If you post once a day, than you just spread the ratio posts out. One round would be 6 days in a row. 2:2:2

Try not to overpost because it starts looking spammy. And don’t link only to your stuff. Link to other really useful or epic posts. Have discussions, ask questions to get interaction. Google loves and keeps track of how many likes, retweets and shares your content gets. Google loves to see you linking to awesome content from others.

FOLLOW THE RULES- Social Media Marketing Tips

These are the golden rules for social media posting. They help drive traffic and lower your workload.

1. ALWAYS post with a link
2. Mix up your titles
3. Measure your clicks – use tracking links
4. Don’t get carried away with #hashtags or keywords
5. Schedule your posts to post automatically


In summary, We love the 2-2-2 ratio. It means we can fill out a spreadsheet with lots of content and load it into one of the social tools and it is released on autopilot. Our strategy is to release it to our private group first and then it is posted to other media channels and our blog.

Some businesses wont like the idea of running a private group because they think it will be too much work. But if you consider it customer support and service for your customers, you can see the value you are providing that competitors dont. It actually makes you look good.

Social Media Marketing Tips Takeaway

If you are serious about driving more traffic to your website from social and finding more customers, then you need our Twitter posting guide. It makes sure that businesses like yours can build a free audience in order to reduce the need for paid advertising to get more media sites