How to generate hundreds of tweets per post and drive traffic to all your blog posts in minutes

How to generate hundreds of tweets per post and drive traffic to all your blog posts in minutes

We’ve got the exact method to take one post and automate all your Twitter posting and traffic attraction.

The problem, is that once you’ve published some new blog content, it’s hard work to think of all the tweets and social messages needed to send traffic from Twitter. With our process, we’ve stripped it down so that creating social content that drives traffic is a cinch.

⦁ Simple 5 step process to creating tweets FROM blog posts
⦁ The secret to producing tons of social posts
⦁ Why Twitter is a GREAT traffic tool
⦁ How to beat the “attention span deficit” that Twitter users have
⦁ How to never have to write a tweet from scratch again

Here’s where most businesses go wrong. They write some new content and then assume that’s all they have to do is post it a couple of times on Twitter. It’s tough to think of new interesting tweets every time (and if you’re posting multiple times a day, that’s even harder).

Social media is THE traffic driving tool that your business is lacking. Imagine being able to JUST focus on writing content and knowing that your social media is taken care of on automation?

From some posts, we’ve managed to get an entire month’s worth of Twitter content from, all on automation. Then we just watch the traffic role in.

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Essentially, we learnt that we didn’t want to create Twitter content from scratch. We identified 7 – 10 areas in every blog post that writes Twitter content for us. So we just re-purpose what we’ve already got and use that copy to drive traffic from Twitter.

What You Get
You’ll get our written guide to creating Twitter content for and from blog posts, how to select Tweets that will get actions and how we upload our content to an automation platform.

 If you don’t
If you want to spend ages thinking of and crafting Tweets that have a short shelf life, then go ahead. But we’d rather focus on writing great content and getting our content to promote itself.

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