How to Build Your own Wordpress Blog Tutorial

How to Build Your own WordPress Blog Tutorial

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Using a wordpress blog for your business is highly recommended.   Blogs are really liked by Google for SEO reasons.  Lots of fresh posts on a regular basis will get your website crawled and indexed a lot faster than a simple html website.

You can do just about anything with wordpress now.  There are thousands of easy to use plug ins that make your blog look just like a standard website.  You can customize your blog with themes and change them at anytime.

It really is easy to start a wordpress blog.

Most webhosts make it simple with just a few clicks.

The cost of owning your own blog is not a lot of money.   You can get cheap hosting to start out and it only costs $10 a month.

Never has it been so easy to get set up with your own blog/website.

Your blog is a business in itself.  It is your homebase online and you own it.  A blog is available to the entire world,  no limits.   24 hours a day every day you are open for business.

Watch this video to see step by step how to setup your own WordPress blog this week.

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