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Why Isn’t Your Website Working? Top Mistakes Owners Make with Website Design

There are a million posts about websites and website design.  The pages you need, blogs, landing pages, lists, opt-ins etc. etc. Here we are ready to strip away all the fluff and fuzz on websites and just show you what your website needs to truly get you results.  So your business will grow on autopilot…
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How to Use SEO to Grow Your Traffic Quickly and Get Free Visitors

SEO Optimization in 2019 – Facts to Remember Not just a regular blog post. We here at are not about just pumping out a bunch of junk content. Your website needs traffic and most people know that optimising your website to get more search traffic from Google is one of the best things to…
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Setup Your Email Marketing Master Plan to Grow Business

No boring blog content allowed. I’ve got a killer post about email marketing here. Your dream customers want your products but how are you going to get it to them? Email is the easiest way. 53% of marketers say ongoing, personalized communication with existing customers results in moderate to significant revenue impact. – DemandGen “Focus…
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How can you guarantee that your content is ready to drive and receive traffic?

You could get access to our entire checklist to make sure that your content is going to drive as much traffic as it can to your site. All to often, once we publish a new post or write up a new page, we forget to promote and exploit that content to drive as much traffic…
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How to Build Your own WordPress Blog Tutorial

Using a wordpress blog for your business is highly recommended.   Blogs are really liked by Google for SEO reasons.  Lots of fresh posts on a regular basis will get your website crawled and indexed a lot faster than a simple html website. You can do just about anything with wordpress now.  There are thousands of…
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Welcome to the New Blog

Finally had the time to build a new blog.  This will be my focus for years to come. On this blog I plan to share tips and advice on how to increase your sales and get more clients and customers to your business.    As a small business owner,  I know you don’t have a…
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