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Social Media Marketing Tips that Actually Get Results Fast and For Free

This isn’t what you normally read on a blog.  At MarketingHazards we are not interested in simply slapping up any old content. You might be thinking a great way to get more customers is to use social media.  These social media marketing tips will teach you what works and what doesn’t. It really depends on…
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Why You Have To Use Content To Market Effectively Online To Compete

Content Creation You probably noticed that at Marketing Hazards, we are pretty good at producing and promoting content. The fact is Content is the name of the game today. If you are online and you’re not willing to produce new content, you wont be going anywhere fast. Advertising without a message or a sales team…
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How to generate hundreds of tweets per post and drive traffic to all your blog posts in minutes

We’ve got the exact method to take one post and automate all your Twitter posting and traffic attraction. The problem, is that once you’ve published some new blog content, it’s hard work to think of all the tweets and social messages needed to send traffic from Twitter. With our process, we’ve stripped it down so…
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