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Helping small business owners grow their profits with online marketing by avoiding mistakes!

Hi there!

Picture of MichaelI am Michael Johnson and want to welcome you to the website.   This site is for you if you are a small business owner who is trying to grow your business online.   Do you need more clients and customers?  Want to make more profits without going broke buying advertising?

My mission is simple I want to help small business owners figure out online marketing and grow their businesses.  Without the usual over priced agency services that rarely provide the results they promise.  From a former truck driver turned internet marketer.

This is the place to learn how to use online marketing tactics that work day in and day out. It is a systematic approach to building your business and your reach online.  Using a website and email list to market your products and services 24/7.   It is a salesperson on duty around the clock who doesn’t need breaks or raises.

I chose this name because online marketing is a tricky business.  There are loads of sharks who just want all your money.  You are busy in your business and probably don’t want to have to learn how to do everything when it comes to marketing.  So you trust others to do it for you.   

And that is the way to do it.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.

There are a lot of common marketing mistakes that people continue to do every day.   There are 1000’s of different opinions of what works and what to do.   Talk about conflicting ideas, it can drive you crazy.

Read this blog to learn how to avoid making simple online marketing mistakes that hurt your business.

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If you need help getting things going, feel free to reach out to me.

I am a freelance marketer who builds websites, manages online marketing campaigns, sets up email lists and builds email marketing campaigns that can really grow fast.

I have spent the last 20 years building websites of my own.   So I have seen how internet marketing has changed over the years.   It isn’t all roses in this business.   You will have ups and downs and failures.

Your website is one piece of the puzzle.

But to be successful, you need to add a few more parts to your business.   

Today a website isn’t enough.   Getting traffic to your site is a full time job.   And most websites don’t really close sales for you.   There is just too much information and too many choices for your visitor.   Most of your visitors leave without doing anything.

You still want to have a nice looking website for someone to find when they Google your business name.   Or need to contact you easily.

But if you add an email list and email marketing you can get people to come back again and again. At NO Cost to you!

If you add a Facebook business page, you can build an easy way to reach your entire customer list any time you want.

Plus you can add other social media sites to make it easy for people to find your products and services and BUY.

Add on a little bit of paid advertising and you can have an endless supply of leads for a lot less than you think.

This is why I built this website…

this is what I am great at…

I can build websites quickly… Facebook business pages fast…and entire email campaigns and lists are set up fast.

I am not an expert at everything but I have set up teams of experts who are standing by to build your online presence. I will manage your online marketing for you either fully or just the parts you need help with.

As a freelancer, I’m not a huge company just trying to get all your money and charge outlandish prices.

I started marketing online back in 1999, I have had plenty of failures but also many ideas that worked very well.   I just kept working until I solved one problem after another.

What I finally realized is to just do what I am great at.  It took a lot of years to come to that conclusion.

The internet marketing space is a dangerous one. Almost everyone is out to get money out of you without giving you the things they promised.   They sell the same old information a million times just repackaged.   Some of it works but most of it doesn’t.

You have seen the endless funnels.   Upsell.. upsell.. upsell.. downsell & free trial offers.    You read a 20 page salespage and still have no idea what you are going to get.   Be careful out there, those salespages have been tweaked and tested for 20 years now.   They know exactly how to grab your emotions and get you to buy, buy and buy more.

It’s Psychology.

So this site aims to provide great useful information that will actually help you without costing you a fortune.

You want to make money not spend it right?

Who am I?

I know the feeling because I was you.   I was where you are.   Struggling and hoping for just one simple way to start actually making money.
And it took me years.   Oh I made money here and there but it took years to be consistent.    I have been stuck buying products over and over again.   Thousands of dollars worth.   I have filled computers with downloads and ebooks.

After building over 100 websites and trying just about every way to make money with internet marketing, I have found ways to make money online.   And even more ways to waste time and lose a ton of cash.

My very first amazon book

So I plan on delivering some great information, tools and strategies to you.

I am Michael Johnson and I live near Seattle.   Not in a mansion either, a simple little house in the suburbs.   Just a couple of computers and internet service.   I don’t make a million dollars.   But I have learned how to do just about everything it takes to get set up online and promote products and services.   And I will share my knowledge with you.

You see the IM business has changed many times over the last 20 years.

Most people get tired of the work.   Their websites and businesses disappear.   It is work and time consuming setup, no doubt.   It takes perseverance and patience to work through the hump.    The money comes later.   The website visitors come later.   But if you put in the work and effort and find something that puts money in your pocket it is all worth it.

And there are ways to make money quite fast.   But it can stop for a variety of reasons.   You have to keep moving and planning for what you are going to do next.   If I had one short and sweet piece of advice, I would tell you “Watch what others are doing” Copy how they are making money.   Dig in deep and see the whole process.


I hope you learn a lot on the blog and I am here if you need help with your online marketing.   Email me questions and I will do my best to help you as much as I can.

To your success;

Michael Johnson


It has never been easier to reach customers on the internet.   They are out there, you just need to get your business in front of them.   The major problem is how confusing online marketing is.   There is a system that works but it has a lot of sticking points and steps that need to get done in a short amount of time.   Click to see —> Services and Products I have available today that can help you.